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Berry Bug

Free Online Berry Bug - How To Play Berry Bug Like Pro Click to play
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In the berry bug game, players have to avoid getting eaten by bugs. The gameplay is intuitive and straightforward; tap on a healthy berry to eat it or tap on a bug when it’s not looking to kill it.

However, there are two types of berries: those that give you points and those that make you lose points. Players must focus their attention on the berries at all times if they want to win the game!

There are many obstacles in this game, including pits full of water that will drown your character if he falls into them and spiders that will attack from above. These obstacles require skillful timing for players to overcome them without losing too many points.

About Berry Bug Game

Berry Bug is an action game and shooting game. You have to control a cute little bug in this game where you will have to save the world from berry bugs invasion by destroying them with your laser gun, but do not let them touch you, or it’s over for you.

The objective of this fantastic game – to survive for as long as possible and stay away from the creepy berry bug. But watch out! The longer you play, the more frantic your enemies become, making it extremely difficult to avoid them.


At the start of each level, ten berries move in a shape resembling a wide arc.

You can only hit the berries from behind using your laser gun, which is available for you to avoid being eaten by them at the top center of the screen.

The longer you play, the faster they move towards you, making it hard for you to avoid being touched by them.

Their speed also increases as you proceed to higher levels in this game. Remember that they can appear from any direction at the top, middle, or bottom of your screen.

There are three types of berries available in this game, and each has a different speed and ability.

The challenge here is to keep your bug safe at all costs by always shooting one berry when two or more of them are close to you.

The quicker you shoot, the safer your bug will be. But if you take too long, it may bite him, and that’s game over for you.


To move your bug, press the left arrow at the bottom of the screen, and to move it down, use the right hand. To aim your gun, drag your mouse over whichever direction you want him to go.

All other actions like shooting are triggered using your mouse buttons or keyboard keys.


The game has been developed by the indie developer company Team Bug and is available online without a download.

How To Play Berry Bug Like Pro

When it comes to playing this game, the main thing is to avoid being bitten by the berries chasing you.

Here are some tips and tricks you should follow:

  • You can take advantage of the short break that occurs at every 5th level in this game, where there will be no berry bug chasing you.
  • You can use this time to catch your breath and get ready for the next challenge. Also, this will help you prepare for the challenging levels that are ahead of you in this game.
  • Try moving your bug from side to side as it is more difficult for them to hit you sideways or even backward than when they try chasing you head-on. If possible, try to shoot them while they are chasing you behind so you don’t have to worry about being touched.
  • Berry Bug is an addicting and fun game that will keep you busy for hours on end. But make sure you’re careful, as missing a single berry may cost you the game!

Do refer to this detailed guide if there is anything you’re confused about.

Levels Of Difficulty

There are five levels of difficulty available in Berry Bug, and you start at the most accessible level, where you only have to avoid one berry bug to win.

As you progress, new types of berries will appear with different speeds and abilities till you hit the fifth level, where all three types are after you.


The following are some frequently asked questions about this fantastic game.

How do I control my bug?

The controls to move your bug from left to right at the bottom of your screen and move it down are arrow keys. To aim/shoot, all you have to do is use your mouse and drag it over whichever direction you want to go.

How do I shoot a berry?

You can shoot your laser gun up, down, or sideways by simply aiming it over the direction where the target is moving towards.

To shoot upwards, move your mouse’s left-click, and to aim downwards, use the right click of your mouse/press the spacebar on your keyboard.


I’m excited to share my thoughts on Berry Bug. This is the first time that I’ve been so eager about a game in years, and it’s because of how much fun this game offers!

It has more than enough content for you to enjoy playing alone or with friends, and there are even new challenges constantly being added, which will keep things fresh as long as you play.

The graphics are cute without being childish, making me feel like I can be creative when designing the berry plants myself. If you’re looking for something refreshingly different from other games out there (and free), please take a look at Berry Bug now!