Free Online Beauty Shop Game - How To Play Beauty Shop Game Like Pro

Monster High Beauty Shop Game

Free Online Beauty Shop Game - How To Play Beauty Shop Game Like Pro Click to play
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Monster High is a powerful new fashion line that releases an exciting new doll every month. Monster High Beauty Shop will allow you to customize your Monster High doll by giving her a trendy hairstyle, makeup, and clothes for any occasion! 

Customize your favorite character with over 50 different combinations of outfits, hairstyles, and makeup colors! Let’s try this fun game at Frongames now.

Monster High Beauty Shop Overview

The object of Monster High Beauty Shop is to give your doll an array of styles and dress-up items. There are over 50 different combinations of outfits, hairstyles, and makeup colors. You can mix and match any of the elements to create a unique look for your doll!

Each of these items has a cost in coins. Most items cost three coins each, while some more rare items cost 10 coins each. To get more coins to spend on different things, you must play the game and complete levels.

Free Online Beauty Shop Game – How To Play Beauty Shop Game Like Pro

Step 1: Start the game by clicking “Play Now

Step 2: Begin your quest to find the perfect outfit!

Step 3: Complete a level and collect coins, fashion items (clothes and jewelry), and more!

Step 4: Use these coins to purchase outfits, hairstyles, makeup colors, or other items in your shopping cart. Remember that rarer items will cost you more coins!

Step 5: Once you complete an outfit, move on to the next level and discover even more new businesses, hairstyles, makeup colors, and items!

When you are done with your outfit design, you can click “Design” at the top of the screen or hit enter/return. Then a board will roll down with all of the items you just picked, and you can save it to your hard drive.

Beginner Tips

  • Monster high beauty shop can be a little confusing at first. Here are some helpful tips you should know when starting the game. These aren’t all of the rules, but these are an excellent place to start.
  • The bottom right-hand corner of the screen will tell you how many points you have earned if you complete a level. If you are trying for high scores, try to finish all levels with at least one star! 
  • Use your coins wisely! Don’t waste them on small items that cost three coins each because you will never have enough! Only buy excellent items like clothes, shoes, and jewelry. 
  • The daily bonus is a great place to get coins fast. You can collect them every day. Once you get used to the game, try for one star on all of your levels – this way, you will earn more than 2 Daily Bonuses and get more coins! In the beginning, it might be easier to play one level at a time and try to collect all of the Daily Bonuses. You can still earn lots of coins this way too! 
  • Don’t rush through the game because you want to spend all of your coins on one outfit or hairstyle. It’s better to get multiple outfits and hairstyles, so you don’t have to pay all of your coins in one go.
  • You can pause the game at any time! Sometimes if your doll is doing something (like blow-drying her hair), it will be hard to move her around. If this happens, press the space bar or click on the screen anywhere, and it will stop her from doing the action!


Monster High Beauty Shop has many different features for you to enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Monster High Dolls (Characters) – The game has characters that range in price from 3 coins to 10 coins on average. You can get up to eight different character outfits per doll! 
  • When you finish a level, the game will tell you how many coins and fashion items (clothes) you earned in the level – There are also Daily Bonuses! Every day when you log into your account, if you have played Monster High Beauty Shop before, there will be some coins waiting for you to collect. This is a great way to earn coins!
  • You can share your designs with your friends on Facebook and get more fame. Sometimes, if you buy an outfit, it will come with a bonus like getting free items or extra points. This is very helpful when trying to make a picture or one of the goals in this game.
  • You can print out your favorite designs to have them forever! The shop will save all of your work unless you choose to delete it. 


Monster High Beauty Shop is a fun game that has many different features, all for the price of nothing. This game gets lots of good reviews from its players and takes just a few minutes of your time to enjoy. Keep in mind while you’re playing that some items will cost more than others, but the rarer items will be worth it!