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There are many games available for the mobile phone, but what if you could play them in your browser? BB Games is an online gaming site that offers free and paid versions of downloadable games.

The company was started by two professionals with over 20 years of experience designing games and developing software. If you’re looking for some new entertainment to keep yourself occupied during lunch or waiting in line at the bank, give these guys a try!

About BB Game

Bb is a game of strategy played between two opponents. The game’s object is to be first to get one’s stones around the board and then bear them off while preventing your opponent from doing so. Bb may be played by any number of players, with any number of stones on the board.

A stone can only be moved when one’s opponent’s stone(s) are on its current square. The players take turns to play. A player can only carry a rock onto a space or the opponent’s stone, capturing it.

Capturing is compulsory if possible; stones that cannot be charged due to being blocked by the opponent are said to have no liberties and are thus permanently barred.

A player wins immediately when the opponent cannot move anymore, and they can no longer bear off any of their stones that remain on the board after a good movie could be made. If neither side can win in this manner within a finite number of activities, then the game is a draw.

Note: If you play bb on Facebook, it will be more fun to play online against your friends or with them together against the computer.


1. Play against more than one player via Bluetooth mode or on the same device, switch to multi-player mode, and play with your friends. Up to four players support a multi-player game at one time on a single board.

2. Touch an opponent’s Bb stone to send it back to start (easy to remember).

3. Touch the opponent’s Bb stone to send it back to start.

4. Free Online Bb with Google Play, play anytime and anywhere without WiFi or mobile data dependency, limited only by your imagination!

5. Advanced Artificial intelligence, Strictly but Friendly, ready for all levels of players from beginners to experts. Even experts will be challenged a lot!

6. Touch an opponent’s Bb stone to send it back to start (easy to remember).


Finger slide the Stone on board or tap space to place a stone there.

Technical details

1) Bb game is playable for free online against computer only.

2) The AI engine of the game is very competitive and accurate. Even experts will be challenged a lot by this complex and advanced artificial intelligence.

3) It is in the English language only. However, it can still be enjoyed by all ages.

4) We do not use any 3rd party ads (banner, interstitial, video). To keep the quality of the game and provide a fair gaming experience, there is no time limit for games to finish.

5) High-performance engine developed purely in java, capable of running on all operating systems and devices.

How To Play

1. Start the game by clicking on the play button, select ‘Multi-player to enter multi-player mode.

2. You can place your stones anywhere you want on the board, but the red stone goes first.

3. To send an opponent’s stone back to start. Touch it and confirm or click confirm if you want to send more than one stone back.

4. You have placed your stones and waiting for the next move from your opponent. Slide a rock to start it moving.

5. If both players are ready and either player is making no moves, this screen will appear, allowing players to give their activity at any time they choose until it is their turn to move.

6. If you have placed your stones on the board and want some practice before playing against someone in multi-player mode, select ‘single player’ from the main menu.

7. Read all instructions on the game screen carefully, then play a game with yourself in single-player mode first so that you can get the hang of things.

8. Ensure that your Internet connection is active while playing; if it goes offline during a game, you will be informed and must return to the multi-player lobby.

9. All info about the game is kept in this play area only. No other privacy details are collected or used for any purpose whatsoever.

10. Enjoy this free online bb-like pro game! Note: You don’t have to register or log in to our website to play the online version of Bb.


After reading this post, you should download BB here. The game is constantly evolving and offers a fun way to play against your friends or other players online with Facebook connect. In addition, frongames provided detailed information about the game for those who are interested in downloading it.