Free Online Battle Ships - How To Play Battle Ships Like Pro

Battle Ships

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Battle ships is a classic game that many of us have played since we were children. The game aims to destroy your opponent’s fleet by guessing where they are on a 10×10 grid and firing one missile at each guess.

There are some variations to the game, but this article will focus on a traditional battleship. To make it more challenging for those who want a true challenge, there is also an option to play with five ships instead of 6. This can be done by playing with two grids (2X5). With these rules in mind, let’s get started!

About Battle Ships Game

Battleship is one of the most addictive games on android and ios phones. You have to move your destroyers, battleships across the game board with a single aim to sink your opponent’s fleet.

The Battleships game is based on classic naval combat strategy, wherein the player has to compete against another player or computer(AI), where players take turns to make their moves.

During your turn, you get a certain amount of credits (or coins) to spend on moving your ships, and in the end, if your fleet gets sunk, you lose.


Battle Ship is based on simple graphics with four ships that can move in 8 directions, viz up, down, right, and left. You can destroy your opponent by hitting his boats, and the game ends when there is no ship left.

You earn coins while playing this addictive game; you have to choose whether to buy additional ships or give your other unused ships a chance for better luck.


This android game uses simple controls on mobile devices running Android 2.0 and above. You can easily play it without any hassle on your android device.


PILAPP CO., LTD develop the game.

How To Play

If you want to learn how to play Battleships, keep reading below: It’s straightforward. First, you need to know different controls, i.e., up, down, left, and right.

You can move your destroyers in these four directions by tapping the screen. Your ships cannot move overseas areas of the maps.

To move towards a direction, you have to tap that particular area near the ship icon. At the end of turn, while the other person is making his moves, if one of your ships gets sunk in the water, then the game ends. Once the first person gets all his ships destroyed, the second person wins the game.

Levels Of Difficulty

Battleship has three difficulty levels, and you can choose whichever is comfortable for you: Easy Level. At this level, you will get ten coins at the start, which decreases with your ship’s movement.

Average Level Here, in this level, you get 20 coins at the start, which decreases with every move. Hard Level In this level, there is no initial coin given to you; instead, currencies are earned gradually while playing.

Here’s what you will see when playing on accessible mode:


How can I earn more coins?

Play this game regularly and try to unlock various achievements (like win ten games etc.) This will give you bonus coins in your account.

How can I unlock no. of ships?

You have to reach a certain level in the game where you will be rewarded with new ships if you have collected them all, then you will get access to the next set of fleets. You can select three different fleets to play with.

Why am I not able to move my ship even though it has enough fuel?

It might be because your ship is damaged or you are out of moves for this turn. Ensure to repair your boats and remember that the vessel with no fuel left cannot be moved. Also, you can upgrade them through various power-ups.

Why am I not able to move some ships?

Those ships might be locked for upgrades, or they are out of fuel, try unlocking them to get more credits, and also, you can upgrade your ship by getting power-up.

What do I have to do if my screen is black after launching the game?

Press the menu button. It will help you out to solve your problem.

Why is the game stuck on loading?

You should have good internet connectivity. If that’s not the case, try playing it when you are connected to a WiFi connection. Also, make sure you turn off any other app running in the background.


After reading this blog post, I hope you are convinced to download Battle Ships from the App Store. Frongames has created an excellent game with great graphics and gameplay that is constantly evolving for your enjoyment.

You can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, adding a social element that keeps things interesting.

One of the most important aspects of playing Battle Ships is how it makes players feel comfortable when they come back after not playing for a while – something many games don’t do these days!

If you’ve been thinking about downloading a new app but haven’t yet found one worth spending money on, give Battle Ships a chance and see if it’s right for you.