Free Online Battle Fish - How To Play Battle Fish Like Pro

Battle Fish

Free Online Battle Fish - How To Play Battle Fish Like Pro Click to play
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Battle fish game is a fast-paced strategy game that requires quick thinking and strategic planning. The game’s goal is to create groups of three or more matching colors by using only one finger. Players will need keen observation skills to execute this task, as well as patience and focus.

In addition, players must think ahead to maximize their points while also being aware of what their opponents are doing on the board. This exciting new take on classic games like Tetris will keep you coming back for more!

About Battle Fish Game

Battle Fish game is a skill-based puzzle arcade type of online video game. This game is challenging enough to give you some entertainment with addictive gameplay and good graphics presentation.

Here in this article, we will cover Battle Fish Gameplay, Controls, and Developer information that may be useful for beginners and seasoned players looking to take their game to the next level.


  • Online Multiplayer – Play with people all over the world! Challenge your friends on Facebook, or find a random opponent in one of our online rooms.
  • Original Gameplay – We made everything from scratch, so you don’t have to. No clones!
  • Fancy Graphics – Custom graphics engine for outstanding performance and visuals. Enhanced effects, animations, and video quality.
  • Weekly Updates – New content added every week. That is a guarantee.
  • It may contain bugs, which we will fix as soon as possible.


The controls are simple enough to be learned in minutes and hard enough to be mastered for months. To start playing, you only need a mouse to control your tank’s turret and left-click button of the mouse to shoot.

  • W – Move forward
  • S – Move back
  • A/D – Rotate Left / Right
  • Spacebar or C key- Jump (Don’t try to shoot while jumping, or the turret will rotate instead of shooting)
  • K key-Turret Control (move your turret around)


We are a team of 3 developers and musicians from an eastern European country. This is our first game ever released on any platform, so we can use any feedback you might have to make this game better.

Send your feedback to

How To Play Battle Fish Game

Shoot the enemy’s fish tank before they shoot yours! To do so, you have to aim with your turret and fire with the left mouse button. If enemy types change shape or speed when they move, use your mouse wheel to zoom in/zoom out and follow them.

This game comprises 24 levels with increasing difficulty each level. The levels are designed to be completed within 30 seconds. So you have the pressure on trying to achieve a level before time runs out (unless you’re playing Time Attack┬ámode).

The game starts with a big fish tank and single fish swimming in it. Every level is divided into two waves. The first wave is known as the “easy” wave, which contains only one type of enemy that moves at a regular pace (either left or right) and shoots straight ahead, similar to your tank.

On the other hand, the second wave changes in terms of enemy type and speed/movement pattern. Every five levels, a new kind of enemy is introduced, which means combined with the previous one, makes for ten types (1+2+3…+9).

Levels Of Difficulty

The difficulty in this game increases and spikes drastically, starting from level 10. The waves start getting harder with many enemies of different speeds and patterns, combined with more complex obstacles in the fish tanks.

The pattern goes like this: easy-easy-hard (level 10)-easy… up to hard-hard(level 24). After that, it loops through the levels again, but each time adds a new enemy type and increases speed.


Is there a level editor?

Yes, we plan to release a custom map Creator tool. It should be out in 2-3 months after the game comes out. There will be three modes:

  • Easy – for drawing basic shapes.
  • Medium – for decorating your shape with things like lines and blocks.
  • Hard – For advanced decoration (probably).

Which browsers support the game?

Currently, it’s only playable on Chrome and Firefox. We plan to add more in the future, but right now, we’re concentrating on getting that out first.

Can I play with a controller?

Yes, you can use an XInput compatible controller as long as your computer recognizes it as a generic gamepad. We will be adding support for DualShock 4 and Steam Controller soon.

How do I change the player tank type?

To access that go to Options > Player Tank Selection. Here you can choose from 5 different tank types:

  • A – Just as default, it has a balance of high movement speed and high attack power.
  • B – Has less health but moves faster. It’s useful for some of the many challenging levels.
  • C – Has a slower movement speed but has more health. Use that if you’re tired of dying after missing one shot like me.
  • D – A tank with an extra ability to jump as long as your energy bar is complete (indicated by the blue bar on the top right). This makes the game a lot easier, but if you’re good, it might give you an edge.
  • E – A tank that is slower than default and has less health but can shoot up to 4 bullets at once (indicated by a red bar on the top right).


We hope that our guide can help you learn more about this game. Battle Fish is a free-to-play, social game with no in-app purchases or ads.

This means the player’s experience will never be interrupted by unwanted interruptions from an outside source, and they are always able to play for as long as they want before getting bored!

Sign up today at and start playing against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.