Free Online Basketball Hoops - How To Play Basketball Hoops Like Pro

Basketball Hoops

Free Online Basketball Hoops - How To Play Basketball Hoops Like Pro Click to play
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The basketball hoops game online is a perfect way to pass the time when you are bored. It’s also great for people who want an extra challenge and enjoy playing games that demand strategy, accuracy, and patience.

The best part about this game is it can be played in your leisure time with no additional costs!

You don’t need any fancy equipment or anything like that; all you need is a computer with internet access. This blog post will provide step-by-step instructions on how to play the basketball hoops game online.

About Basketball Hoops Game

Occupying a place in the line-up of the most popular games on earth, basketball is played by two teams whose objective is to score as many points as possible while following specific rules and regulations.

The basketball Hoops game incorporates some of this common sense but puts a new spin on it where players are pitted against one another in an all-out competition to dunk the ball while using their free throws to score.


Basketball Hoops game is a flash-based online multiplayer game where players can use their mouse to play the game. The rules are elementary and straightforward and are as follows:

Each player has two life bars in Basketball Hoops which decrease when there is loss of ball possession or getting fouled out while playing offense. When one’s life bar is drained, the player gets sent to the bench, but there is no elimination like basketball.

Players can dunk on either side of the basket and get points for it. Bonus scores are given for double dunks using both hands or when players jump off one foot and dunk from a perpendicular angle.

Each team has a mega-dunk life bar which increases and decreases according to its performance on offense. It is a cumulative score that increases each time the team scores in hoops.

When players successfully perform a dunk from a higher angle, the team earns bonus points, making it easier for them to increase their mega-dunk meter. Besides this, they can also get bonus points for performing double dunks while on defense.

Players are allowed to steal from one another, attempt a free throw and block the ball using their mouse in Basketball Hoops game.


Movement – Mouse

When playing offense, players can use their mouse to move the player around the court according to the ball’s location and the direction they intend on taking.

When playing defense, players can use their mouse to steal the ball from an opponent or block it away from them with a straight vertical swipe.

In addition to this, they are also allowed to attempt a free throw by clicking once their pointer is over the hoop and blocking shots by clicking the opponent’s pointer while it is over the ball.

How To Play Basketball Hoops Like Pro

The basketball Hoops game is a fun and exciting way of getting to grips with the fundamentals of basketball in an easy-to-understand format. Players are required to work as part of a team, using their knowledge and cunning ability to get the best out of each other while focusing on scoring baskets.

The first step after signing up for the game is to create a basketball player or team name. The second step is to ensure that one’s user details are secure and safe, while the third step involves joining a random or pre-existing league for players with similar interests.

During play, players need to focus on their own team’s performance to do better during matches. A team can do this by working together, strategizing and performing well during special events, and winning the game in general.

Players are not allowed to direct insults at other players, but they may use chat boxes for communication purposes only. In addition to this, there should be no use of any profanity or discrimination within these chat boxes.

Players are given one life bar for every team they play in. Furthermore, the game uses a scoring system based on the number of points scored against those scored by a team during a game, how easy it was to achieve them, and when they were cut.

This is just a basic overview of the Basketball Hoops game, and players are encouraged to go through the guide carefully to learn how to play this game better.

Game Levels Of Difficulty

There are many different levels of difficulty in the Basketball Hoops game, which provide players with a wide range of choices when selecting their desired level. These include Beginner, Amateur, Professional, All-Star, and Hall Of Fame.


If you have ever played the classic arcade game, basketball hoops, then you will know how much fun and excitement it can bring. With this new release of Basketball Hoops 3D by Frongames, your experience with this game is taken to a whole new level.

Not only are there more levels than before, but they are also constantly evolving so that no two games play out the same way as each other. You can even challenge friends on the same device or online with Facebook Connect!

This version has been updated for iOS 11 devices. It works seamlessly across all Apple products, including iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro 10″ without lag time between screens when moving from one screen to another.