Free Online Asteroid Blast - How To Play Asteroid Blast Like Pro

Asteroid Blast

Free Online Asteroid Blast - How To Play Asteroid Blast Like Pro Click to play
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If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your free time, then try out the new asteroid blast game! It’s a blast (pun intended), and it’s an exciting new space adventure.

In this game, you’ll be blasting asteroids in outer space while dodging cosmic debris as they fly past. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

Plenty of levels filled with different challenges will keep things exciting and ensure you don’t get bored. And if all else fails, there are power-ups available to help boost your score or give yourself more lives so you can continue playing.

This game is perfect for people who love shooting games but want something that doesn’t involve guns or violence – it’s just too much fun!

About Asteroid Blast Game

Asteroid Blast is a classic arcade game that involves shooting aliens and asteroids. You play as an astronaut trapped in the blast area of a space asteroid falling on the earth, so you need to hit all the asteroids before they destroy our planet.

The goal of Asteroid Blast is to keep yourself alive by destroying all asteroids that fall from the sky while you are in the Blast area. The more you kill, the more points you get, and if your asteroid blast time is high, you will be able to get a top score on our leader board.


Free Online Asteroid Blast has many features that make this game enjoyable. You can access all of them through the main menu in the form of buttons. The first feature is set games which you can customize and play the level from easy to hard.

The second feature is played now, allowing users to choose a random level among those available for immediate gameplay. The third feature is settings to customize your avatar, mute music and sound, or even turn on/off the app store ad.

The last feature is Instructions which contains information about how to play the game and an option to view the leader board.


If you are new to this game, then here are some tips that you need to know to play this game. Let’s start with the controls;

1. The first thing you need to do is tap on your screen so your astronaut can move around and avoid the asteroids from hitting him.

2. Tap again while playing the game so your astronaut can shoot at all those flying rocks.

3. The asteroid blast sometimes comes in clusters, so to destroy them quickly, tap on two or three times at a time.


This game is developed by MMG, which provides free online games that you can play here and now without waiting for other users to connect and download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

How To Play

If you still do not know how to play this game, then don’t worry because here are some steps that will guide you through the gameplay;

1. When it starts, your screen will be like a blank canvas, and asteroids will begin to fall from the sky one by one so as for them not to hit your astronaut.

2. Tap on the screen to move him away from the falling asteroids, or else he will get killed.

3. Keep tapping again and again until all the asteroids are destroyed to increase your blast time score, which will, in turn, give you more points and a chance of moving up in our leader board.

Levels of Difficulty

Asteroid Blast comes in three different levels of difficulty; easy, medium, and challenging. This game is straightforward to play on its accessible mode, allowing users to enjoy it while navigating around and trying to beat the high score.

The next level is medium, which is pretty much like that but with more challenge for players to enjoy. Last but not least, the hard level is where things get interesting because it will be more challenging than the easy and medium modes to keep gamers on their toes while playing.


The game is a simple but addictive arcade-style, with the goal being to destroy asteroids and keep them from hitting your ship. You are equipped with an unlimited supply of missiles that fire automatically at any asteroid within range – all you need do is navigate around space, avoiding collisions while firing away.

It’s a simple concept that becomes increasingly challenging as levels advance and new obstacles such as lasers or meteors enter the fray.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of replayability once you’ve completed everything there is to offer on each level, so it may not be for everyone- however, if you enjoy fast-paced games where success depends purely on reflexes, then this could well be worth your time!