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The archer game is a classic arcade-style game that is fun for all ages. You get to play the role of an archer, and you have to shoot arrows at targets as they come up on the screen.

Your goal is to keep shooting until you clear all of them from the board before time runs out! The game has two variations: one where you can control your speed, and one where it’s automatic.

It doesn’t matter which variation you choose because both are challenging in their way. If you want a challenge, try playing with no sound so that it’s just up to your reflexes and instincts!

About Archer Game

Archer game is a new form of archery that was invented and developed in Korea. Archer games were first played on ABC-TV in the United States. It then became an international sensation. The only difference between traditional archery and archer shooting is that you shoot at robots instead of animals.

Challenge your skills with this exciting new game! Archer targets are made up of different colors, which change with each level.

You have to shoot as many points as possible within the given time limit without hitting any blue robots. In addition, you can earn extra points by shooting down flying robots and indicated balloons.

Archer is an easy game to play but hard to master. A skilled player can shoot more than 10000 points in one game. Archer has several different modes of play that allow you to sharpen your skills and compete with others in multiplayer mode.

Viewed over 3 million times on YouTube, Archer is the most downloaded mobile game of its kind. Join the many skilled players who have used Archer to challenge their friends and family to see the best shot.


To play, tap on your screen to shoot an arrow and hit as many targets as you can in sixty seconds.

You have a limited number of arrows per game so use them carefully. You lose 10 points for each missed shot and 5 points for each target hit by blue robots.


Archery Master has the only game developed by a Korean-based archery club. We are not an independent developer who created this game for profit.

We devote our time to contribute to the development of archery in Korea and around the world to learn about Korean culture and share their love of archery with others.

How To Play Archer Like Pro

1. Do not simply tap the device screen to shoot an arrow. Tapping is too simple and easy to make mistakes.

2. Learn proper finger placement when pulling back the arrow string on the bow. This will help you control your shots better and minimize any unnecessary movements of your fingers, hands, and arms, which could get you off target.

3. Keep practicing! The more you practice, the better you will get, and the more enjoyable archery for everyone.

Levels Of Difficulty

Archer has three levels of difficulty: Beginner (easy), Amateur (average), and Pro Archer. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with “Beginner” because it has more time to shoot and gives you a higher chance of success.

Also, if you complete “Beginner,” the next game automatically opens up “Amateur.” To unlock “Pro Archer,” you’ll need to meet all three levels.


Is there an Archer iPhone/iPad app?

As of now, no. There’s only a computer version of the Archer game. But if you are interested, we’re developing an Android app that will be available to download on the Google Play Store in the fall of 2014.

What if I don’t have any archery equipment?

If you want to learn Korean archery, our club has free loaner equipment you can use. Visit for more information on how to join our Korean archery club in New York City and try out some of Archer Master’s levels as well!


Archer has a lot of potentials and can be pretty enjoyable. The app is constantly evolving, so you might find it interesting to keep up with the game to see exactly what will happen next.

If you are looking for an archery-based game that allows people to play either against friends on the same device or online via Facebook connect, I encourage you to download Archer from Google Play Store today!