Free Online Aquador Game - How To Play Aquador Game Like Pro

Aquador Game

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Aquador is a game that Nathanial Williams created. The game’s goal is to navigate around an underwater maze and collect three starfish while avoiding enemies such as seahorses, jellyfish, and sharks. Players can either play for points or try to beat their high score; whichever they choose will affect how many turns they are given in the beginning. When you first start, it may seem easy but be careful because every turn counts! 

Aquador is an addictive and challenging game where players must use their knowledge of sea creatures to strategize about what moves to make next. The more you play, the better your strategy becomes! It’s also fun for all ages so come aboard Aquador with Frongames

Aquador Game Overview

In Aquador, players navigate around the underwater maze to collect three starfish while avoiding enemies. Players are given ten lives at the beginning if they choose to play for points or unlimited lives if they decide to beat their high score.

There are many different ways to reach the goal; you can travel in a straight line, use a “U-turn” to backtrack, or use a “Spin-turn” to re-orient your direction. You need to cleverly maneuver around the maze and avoid enemies by hiding in nooks and crannies until you have collected all three treasure chests.

At the beginning of each game, players are given some lives to start with something; however, as time goes on, you lose lives. If the player loses their lives, they are out of the game and must start again.

Free Online Aquador Game – How To Play Aquador Game Like Pro

Step 1: Players have the option of playing for points or trying to beat their high score. 

Step 2: Players get a certain amount of turns depending on what they chose (points or higher score) in the beginning. 

Step 3: The game begins, and the player navigates around the maze collecting three starfish while avoiding enemies like seahorses, jellyfish, and sharks. 

Step 4: The player can also use a spin-turn to re-orient their direction if they have collected all three starfish. If the player takes too many turns or doesn’t make it back to the starting line, that person loses one life. 

Step 5: Once all lives are gone, the player is out of the game and must start again. 

Step 6: The top score is shown at the end of each game.

Beginner Tips

  • The best way to win is not to take too many turns. You may want to do this initially, but if you can collect three starfish, you are given more lives.
  • Try and maneuver around the maze without taking turns, so you don’t get trapped into dead ends by enemies. 
  • If an enemy or obstacle gets stuck on you, move your mouse around until they get off.


  • Online high score ranking. 
  • Two gameplay modes: point system or unlimited turns; both involve collecting three starfish and avoiding enemies. 


Aquador Game is for anyone who likes to play online games with strategy and doesn’t mind puzzles. The game’s goal is to be as fast as you can while trying your best not to lose lives or get trapped in dead ends.