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Aqua Thief

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The aqua thief game is a fun and interactive way to teach kids about water conservation. Instead of being a passive player, children actively participate in the game by using how water can be saved. This educational experience teaches them that every drop counts!

The Aqua Thief Game is an online activity made for elementary school students to educate them on conserving water.

This activity aims to have children save as much water as possible while playing through challenges such as catching thieves and filling buckets with different amounts of water. By completing these tasks, kids can learn that every drop saves resources like clean drinking water.

About Aqua Thief Game

Aqua Thief Game is a new game that the indie developer of 3D games creates. Here you will have to play as an aqua thief who wants to steal the fish from the water, but there are many obstacles in your way.

You will need to be very careful while playing this game because every time you touch an obstacle or get hit by a block, you will lose one of your lives.


In this Aqua Thief game, there are 3D graphics and many obstacles to avoid while playing the game. You can move right or left to avoid the challenges that come your way.

The player can also steal the fish in the water, but you need to be very careful. You can even unlock different characters while playing the game, which will improve your gaming experience.


You use arrow keys to control the thief’s movement in Aqua Thief Game, and SPACE BAR is used for shooting at obstacles or other fish who are in your way.


A very talented indie developer develops the Aqua Thief Game. Currently, he is working hard to develop more and more exciting games for the users. He has given his 100% effort to create Aqua Thief all by himself without any support from anyone else. This game will also be available on Facebook later in 2016.

How To Play

You need to be very careful while playing Aqua Thief Game. You will come across many obstacles in your path, and you need to avoid them at any cost.

You will also have a limited number of lives, and if you get hit by an obstacle, then one life will go away. Once all the lives are gone, the game will be over, so you need to stay concentrated all the time.

You can also steal a fish or two if you want to get some score points, but first try to avoid the obstacles that come your way; otherwise, it will be tough to catch up with the other fishes moving ahead of you. If you are good at avoiding obstacles, it will become easier to catch up with the other fish.

Levels Of Difficulty

This Aqua Thief Game is present in 4 different levels of difficulty, which means four different levels are available. To unlock another level, do well on the previous one to get a higher score and unlock the next difficulty level.


How To Unlock All The Characters?

To unlock all the characters in this game, you need to get a higher score on every level of this game because if you do that, you will be able to unlock them automatically.

What Is The Total Number Of Levels?

There are four levels of difficulty available in this game, and each level is almost similar to the previous one but expects that the scores will increase as you go from one level to another. The final level is elementary if you have reached there.

Which Is The Hardest Level?

The most challenging level in the Aqua Thief game is the first one because you will need to get used to the controls and the different obstacles that come your way.

Which Is The Easiest Level?

The most accessible level in the Aqua Thief game is the fourth one because there are very few obstacles in this level, and if you are good at avoiding them, then it should not be a problem for you.

What Is The Purpose Of Collecting Score Points?

There is no purpose in collecting score points in this game other than improving your overall ranking, but you can do it if you want to. If you order 10 points, then the next level will unlock automatically for you.


We hope that you’ve found this review both informative and helpful. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, please do so now to experience a fun new way of playing puzzlers on your phone or tablet!

And if you have already played Aqua Thief, we want to hear what you think about it. Let us know in the comments below which features are your favorite or tell us how long it took for someone else to catch up with you online. Thanks for reading our blog post today; see you next time!