Free Online Apple Pen Challenge - How To Play Apple Pen Challenge Like Pro

Apple Pen Challenge

Free Online Apple Pen Challenge - How To Play Apple Pen Challenge Like Pro Click to play
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Apple Pen Challenge is a game that challenges your hand-eye coordination. The goal of the game is to keep the pen on screen for as long as possible. It starts easy but gets progressively more challenging, making players want to play again and again!

Apple Pen Challenge is an excellent way to train oneself in hand-eye coordination. Players can challenge themselves by beating their high scores or by challenging friends in multiplayer mode!

The game also has unlocked achievements when specific goals are achieved, such as drawing lines without lifting the pen from the screen or completing 50 lines without losing a point. This adds another layer of fun because there are always new things happening with each achievement you unlock!

About Apple Pen Challenge Game

Apple Pen Challenge is an online game in which the player will be presented with several challenges related to Apple products. The player has to write a script, using their handwriting, for each of the challenges, and if he succeeds, he wins it.

The player gets seven to ten days (7-10), depending on his level, to complete each challenge. The game is divided into levels, and each level has a different number of days to complete it.

Apple Pen Challenge was created in 2010 as part of the Apple Campaign, which featured several other exciting games. This iOS game can be played and downloaded from iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch if you have the iOS 4.3 or higher device version.

The game can be played in English, French, Italian, and German languages as it is also available for download in these languages. However, you will need to complete the current task in one language before switching to another language; otherwise, your progress will be lost. The user interface is clean and user-friendly.

Apple Pen Challenge is available for free download from the iTunes App Store.


Apple Pen Challenge is a fun, interactive, and educational game that allows users to learn interestingly about Apple products. The game is straightforward to play and understand; anyone can play it.

The player has to use their handwriting skills while playing the game as they will be presented with challenges related to Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The player needs to understand the requirements of the challenge to complete it successfully. They are given a specific time to solve each level and have to try their best not to exceed that limit or else they will lose the game.

The game has six levels in total; three for beginners and three for advanced players. The levels are:

Level 1 – Beginner Challenge (7 days),

Level2 – Advanced Challenge (10 days),

Level3 – Expert Challenge (15 days).

The player has to choose any level after playing at least one level from the previous group.


The game can be played in two different modes, namely, Standard Mode and Challenge Mode. In a standard way, the player has to follow a pattern for drawing each letter, whereas in challenge mode, whatever the player writes is accepted as correct.

In Standard Mode, the player needs to draw one line for each letter using their finger on an iPad or iPhone screen, while in Challenge Mode, they need to write whatever he wants.

The player can change the mode by tapping on the right side of the screen where two colorful icons are available for selection, i.e., Standard Mode and Challenge Mode.


Apple Pen Challenge is an online game created by Apple Inc. The company was founded in Cupertino, California, in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It is considered one of the world’s largest Information Technology giants.

How To Play

Apple Pen Challenge game can be played in several ways depending on the player’s choice. The user interface is clean and globally understandable, i.e., even those who do not know English can play the game easily.

The player starts playing the game by tapping on a colorful icon present in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then they get to choose any one of three levels (Beginner, Advanced, or Expert) by tapping on each level’s respective icon in a period ranging from 7 to 15 days.

The player can see seven colorful buttons in the first level of the game, and each button represents a letter from A to G. The purpose of that level is to learn how to trace the letters, whereas there are no such limitations in other levels.

After tapping on any of these colored buttons, depending on which button the user taps, the app will ask them to trace the letters individually or in a specific order. The player should note that they have to draft each letter from A to G only once, and they will not be able to tap on the same buttons after tracing all seven letters.

Challenges grades are given for each level, i.e., A, B or C.

The player must complete the level within the time frame provided to solve it successfully and move on to the next level; otherwise, they will lose the game by default.

Levels Of Difficulty

Standard Mode – In this mode, the player has to follow a specific pattern for drawing each letter, and they are given only one chance to trace each letter.

Challenge Mode – In this mode, the player has to write something to solve the level successfully. They can repeat the same word or phrase as many times as possible, and hence they will have multiple chances for drawing a single letter.


1. How many levels are there in the game?

There are six levels in total – three for beginners and three for advanced players. The levels can be accessed by tapping on any colorful buttons, i.e., two letters per button for a beginner and only one letter per button for an advanced player.

2. What is the best score so far?

As of now, more than six million people have played this game, and the highest score is 708 points. The place where it was achieved belongs to a player named Rob from London.

3. Is there any specific answer for all levels?

No, because every level has different answers, which Apple decides.

4. What are the letters?

There is a total of seven letters in the game, i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The player has to keep this in mind before playing any level, and they will have to draw all these letters individually for each level of the game.

5. Can I play the game on Apple Watch?

No, because Apple Watch does not have a touch screen like iPad or iPhone. Therefore no player can trace anything on Apple Watch.


The Apple Pen Challenge game is an excellent addition to your mobile gaming library. With the release of iOS 11, you can now play against friends on their devices or online with Facebook connect.

If none of those options are for you, we hope that Frongames will be able to find something else just as fun and interesting from our vast selection of games!