Free Online Apothecarium Game - How To Play Apothecarium Game Like Pro

Apothecarium Game

Free Online Apothecarium Game - How To Play Apothecarium Game Like Pro Click to play
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Do you like to learn new things or collect knowledge? If so, then Apothecarium is the game for you. These free online random information games will have you searching through various topics ranging from science and history to entertainment.

As you advance, the game will become more challenging, which increases the value of your knowledge. Thus producing a dynamic learning experience that encourages players to expand their minds.

Explore the mysterious city of alchemists as you walk through Renaissance Italy. Find clues in hidden object scenes and solve puzzle mini-games.

Rumors of a miracle cure fly around when a mysterious plague strikes the country. Apothecarium is home to some of the most brilliant minds and most well-known scientists and artists from the Renaissance.

Duke Medici, Master in Florence, sent his family to Apothecarium when the epidemic broke out for a peril even worse than the disease. You are now charged with investigating their disappearance and exploring the mysterious city of alchemists.

Free Online Apothecarium Game – How To Play Apothecarium Game Like Pro

Apothecarium is simple and easy to play. The main page has three buttons: new game, previous game, and next game. Each button takes you to the beginning of a new round. A new round begins with a sample question, which is called the pot.

To answer it, you’ll need information from elsewhere on the website and will be directed to one of three pages: stacks, collection, or Shop.

Stacks contain the bulk of knowledge in this game and are where most answers can be found. Each Stack starts with a title, which is usually a question and contains a list of available information.

To select an item from this list, hover over it until a checkmark appears. To view the information in that item, click on the text to make it active, then press enter or space bar. The dynamic page will be displayed, and you can read the information.

To return to the Stack and continue your search, click on the back arrow in the top left corner of that page. The Shop is where you will find a list of the current prices for this game.

These range from general knowledge (i.e., countries of the world) to specific topics such as geography (i.e., the world’s climate) and are given a value.

To enter your name for one or more items, click on the price to add them to your cart. The collection (like the Shop) gives a list of prizes that vary according to player responses.


  • Great story with just the right amount of horror and suspense.
  • You will find helpful hints and interactive maps throughout the game.
  • Eerie sound effects enhance the gameplay.
  • Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil is available as a free full-version game that you can download and enjoy.


Apothecarium is a great educational game for students and teachers. It is also fun for anyone who loves to learn new things and has a lot of free time on their hands. You can play it repeatedly with all different types of information, which prevents you from getting bored of the same information every time. Frongames hope that our guide can help you play this game better.