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Another Line

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Another Line game is a fun and simple way to make your kids think critically about what they see on TV. The game’s goal is to see who can come up with lines from commercials, movies, or shows that are not appropriate for younger viewers. Play at home or as a family activity!

This blog post introduces how one can play the “line” game to have some light-hearted fun while engaging in critical thinking skills.

This blog post also includes tips for playing this game with children of varying ages, which could be helpful for parents looking to involve their children in these types of activities.

About Another Line Game

Another Line is a 3D Physics-Based Puzzle and Brain game. The game is about the line which moves on its own in all the directions without you doing it.

This means that you have to control the ball’s path by drawing lines with your mouse (or finger). You will need to draw various shapes to guide your ball across platforms, ramps, and other obstacles.

The game is simple and easy to play but very hard to master (like Flappy Bird). This game aims to pass as many stages as possible without hitting any block or falling off the screen.

Ryan McLeod created another Line in 2014 for the Flash Game Competition sponsored by and Adobe. The game was awarded the 1st Prize of $500 and is available for free on Scirra Arcade.

It is also available for download in Google play store and Apple App Store.

The game has received several awards, including “App Store Best of May 2014”. The paid version of the same app has a rating of 4.6 from more than 300,000 users.


1. Simple and Easy To Play

2. Wide range of levels to master

3. Different obstacles at every level presents a new challenge


The game is controlled by a mouse (or finger on mobile devices). The lines can be drawn onto the screen in various ways using multiple controls, including:

Lines can be drawn vertically, horizontally, or at any desired angle.

Lines can be drawn in various shapes like Square, Circle, triangles, and so on.

The game allows the user to use multiple controls simultaneously to generate more complex lines. You can also control your ball through touch using the left tap (tap and hold for a spray) and the right tap (tap then release).

Users can also control their ball through tilt controls by moving their device left or right. The accelerometer is used to adjust your speed and direction by tilting the phone in various ways.

How To Play

The game has a simple rule of moving the line across to move balls from one side of the screen. As you progress through levels, there will be different obstacles designed to challenge your strategy to win.

If a ball touches any obstacle, it will be destroyed, and the player loses an opportunity to proceed further in that stage. The game starts with elementary levels, which may be completed in just a few seconds.

Then the game progresses to more complex obstacles and challenging tasks that will challenge your logic, memory, and quick thinking capabilities.

Levels Of Difficulty

The game consists of more than 100 different stages (levels). Each set has unique challenges that make them harder to complete as you move to further levels.


How do I play the game?

The best way is to play it online, but you can download and install the game to your device from Google Play or Apple App store if you like that option.

Is there any difference between the free and paid version?

Yes, you get bonus coins and different power-ups, but game rules remain the same.

What is the aim of this game?

The main aim is to beat as many levels as possible, passing all obstacles and challenges with only one ball available for each group.

How do I go further in the game?

To win a stage, you have to move your ball from one end to another before it disappears.

Am I playing with timers in levels?

No, you don’t have to beat a timer. As long as you reach your destination before your ball is destroyed, that’s enough to proceed further in the game (the game is over when all balls are destroyed). There are no limitations on how much time you spend on each level.

What is the highest number of levels I can play?

There are around 100 different stages, but there will be more updates with new challenges and features.


Another Line is a game that has been downloaded by over 10 million players worldwide, and now it’s finally available for Android.

This new version, which was created with the help of Facebook Connects technology to make playing against friends on the same device or online even more enjoyable, includes an exciting new feature in their weekly tournaments – you can play up to 100 lines at once!

After reading this post, would you like to download another line? Would you please keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming reviews exploring other popular games too?

If there are any better ones out there, please comment below so we know about them. We’re always looking for fun ways to release stress after all!