Free Online Animal Puzzle Pop Game - How To Play Animal Puzzle Pop Game Like Pro

Animal Puzzle Pop Game

Free Online Animal Puzzle Pop Game - How To Play Animal Puzzle Pop Game Like Pro Click to play
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John Cooney has developed an Animal Puzzle Pop Game. It is a puzzle game with amazing graphics and exciting gameplay.

The user needs to use the mouse to move the balls around the board and match three or more of them up. After making a set, they will be removed from the board. The goal is to clear all the balls.

If the ball goes outside of the game board, it will be lost.

It is easy to play and hilarious. You can also compete with your friends on Game Center Leaderboards and connect with them using Facebook. Let’s try Animal Puzzle Pop Game at Frongames with your friends now. 

Animal Puzzle Pop Game’s App Overview

When I first saw Animal Puzzle Pop Game, I expected it might be just another puzzle game. However, after playing this game for a while and seeing how it works, I have to say that is not the case.

John Cooney has added something special to this game, making it more interesting than another match-three game. The gameplay is simple yet very addictive and fun to play!

The gameplay is as usual in match-three games: the player has to move colored balls around, remove them from the board by creating groups of three or more of the same color, and clear all the balls that appear on the board after each level.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find out how to create groups of three or more balls, especially if the board is filled with them. One beneficial thing about this game is that there are always a few free spots on the board, making it easier to make matches without having to move all other balls around.

Free Online Animal Puzzle Pop Game – How To Play Animal Puzzle Pop Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “play” button to start the game. 

Step 2: Choose the level you want to play and click the “play” button. 

Step 3: Pop the balls! Match three or more of them up, and they will be broken. If there are no free spaces, drag other balls around until you find a clear area. 

Step 4: Clearing all balls will complete the level. After that, you can choose to continue playing or return to the main menu.

Beginner Tips 

If you’re stuck on a level, try to find out what the pattern looks like on the board. See if there’s anything special about it and how many balls are needed to clear it. This will sometimes help you to figure out the solution faster.

While playing this game, I have noticed that sometimes the ball is very stubborn and does not want to move, even if you have managed to make an empty spot next to it. If the ball is like this, all you need to do is pinch the touchpad on your mouse. It will help you break even more balls together.

There are a lot of neat features in this game, which makes playing it very enjoyable. Some of my favorites are the fact that you get to compete with your friends on Leaderboards and also be able to connect with them using Facebook in real life.

You can also enjoy playing this game if you’re a beginner! There is no need to worry about not completing it since there is an option allowing you to skip a level.


This game is packed with features that make it very appealing and engaging to play! I have listed a few of the main ones below:

  • Game Center Leaderboards 
  • Facebook Connect 
  • 100+ Levels and more coming soon (if you’re stuck on any level, you can choose the ‘Skip Level’ option) 
  • Play with your friends by competing on Leaderboards and Facebook Connect 
  • No moves limit. Play at your own pace 


Animal Puzzle Pop Game has exceeded my expectations! I honestly did not know what to expect when I downloaded it, but I was shocked! With significant gameplay that is super addictive and fast-paced, this game will keep you entertained for hours! It is also great for people of all ages, especially for kids who are into puzzles. The graphics are very well done, and the interface is super simple to use.