Free Online Animal Link - How To Play Animal Link Like Pro

Animal Link

Free Online Animal Link - How To Play Animal Link Like Pro Click to play
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Animal Link is a game designed to test the player’s knowledge of animals, their habitats, and how they live. Players are challenged with matching up photos of animals in order to complete a set of cards.

Points are awarded for each correct match and players can earn bonus points by completing sets quickly. Animals that have been matched will disappear from the playing field so it becomes increasingly difficult as time goes on! The first person to fill all six slots wins!

Animal Link is an easy-to-learn card game based on animal facts that are challenging enough for kids but still fun for adults too.

About Animal Link Game

Animal Link is a free online game that requires you to solve puzzles by connecting at least three animal blocks of the same type.

The goal is to clear the board by getting rid of all the animal pieces before it gets full. This fast-paced and challenging puzzle game has gained massive popularity, thanks to its unique concept, smooth gameplay, as well as its addicting nature.

The goal of Animal Link is to clear the board by getting rid of all the animal pieces before it gets full. To play this game, you need to move two animals in a row so they form a horizontal or vertical set of three blocks such that at least one animal is touching another horizontally or vertically either on the left or on the right side.


Animal Link is a fun and free puzzle game. Some of the features include:

  • Fast-paced gameplay with a limited time to make your move.
  • It beautiful design that makes it easy to use on any device.
  • Addictive nature that will keep you hooked for hours.


To play Animal Link, you need to use your mouse to drag an animal from the bottom of the screen and place it on a free spot.


This game is developed by W-Interactive who are inspired by classic games such as Tangram, Unblock Me, 2048, and more. Play Animal Link now!

How To Play Animal Link Like Pro

Animal Link is a challenging game that requires you to exercise your brain and strategic thinking skills. It can be difficult for beginners, especially if they don’t know the strategy behind this game.

Here are some tips on how to play Animal Link like a pro:

Play the puzzle mode first before the time mode – This will give you a chance to learn the basic mechanics of this game and also get used to the time pressure as well.

Take your time to plan before you make a move – This is important especially if you are playing in puzzle mode where there’s no time constraint. It helps to have a good strategy before playing Animal Link.

Challenge yourself by increasing difficulty levels – The first few levels may be easy for you, but as the difficulty increases it will prove to be challenging. Try playing hard levels and master your game.


What is the objective of this game?

The goal in Animal Link is to clear the board by getting rid of all the animal pieces before they get full.

How do you move the animals?

It would help if you moved them in a row so they form a horizontal or vertical set of three blocks such that at least one animal is touching another either on the left or on the right side.

How do you get more lives?

You can gain an extra life by clearing a set of three animals and after that, if you clear at least four more pieces before your time runs out, you will gain even more extra lives. If you get an extra life, you will be given an extra 10 seconds to play.

How can you change the difficulty level?

You can choose different levels of difficulty from the start page by tapping Easy, Medium, and Hard. There are three various stages for each mode and you should complete them one after the other.


Animal Link is a game for anyone who loves animals. It has more fun and constantly evolving features that make it one of the best games on the market today, whether you’re an animal lover or not.

You will also be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, so there are no limits as to how many people can enjoy this addictive app!

Download Animal Link here now if you want access to these great benefits at any time, but hurry because we have limited copies available before they go back into development mode! Hope you get the information you want.