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Aliens are coming, and it is up to you to save the world. This game is a space shooter that takes place in outer space. As a player, your goal is to destroy as many aliens as possible before they attack Earth. You will need quick reflexes and good strategy skills if you want to survive this intense battle!

The best way for players of all skill levels to enjoy this game would be with their friends who love gaming on the weekends or after school. The more people playing together, the better chance of survival there will be!

About Aliens Game

This game is based on the classic arcade aliens game, a shoot ’em up or an action-packed side-scrolling shooting game. Aliens Online is also one of the best flash games ever designed for shooting lovers who enjoy fast-paced war video games and those who like to play with tanks and other military combat vehicles.

At first, this might seem like a classic arcade game, but you will soon realize that it is much easier to play this shootout online flash game. All ages and both genders can play it, so any alien game lover will have the time of their life playing Aliens Online for free.


  • A free multi-player alien game.
  • Fast-paced, action-packed arcade-style shooter.
  • Aliens Online is a great shooting game for kids, adults, and teenagers.

Enjoy endless hours of fun playing this alien shoot them up to flash game online for free. If you know your enemies before they shoot you, it’s good because you know which weapon to use.

After playing this aliens game you will feel that you have gained new skills and increased your knowledge about the subject, it’s like studying but a lot more fun! All shooters can quickly destroy their enemies when they know how to play correctly, much like real life.

Many of these games involve war, and the point is to kill all your enemies, so they don’t enslave or eat you. This is an excellent way for kids to play because it will help them develop their motor skills and generally teach them about life.


You can play this aliens game using the keyboard, just like you would be able to do in an actual arcade machine. The controls are easy to follow and understand for any alien gamer out there looking for new knowledge about how to operate one of these machines.

All you need to do is move around with your arrow keys and shoot with your space bar. Your enemies will always be in front of you, so there is no need to look at the left or right side of the screen for any possible attack.

Just make sure that you don’t start moving back and forth too fast because it will be hard to focus on your enemies if they are coming from different directions.


This aliens game was made by a developer known as OnlineFreeGames.

How To Play

All ages and genders can play this action-packed shooting game, so any alien game lover will have the time of their life playing Aliens Online for free.

The objective in this fast-paced side-scrolling shooting flash game is to kill all your enemies before they shoot you. The longer you play without dying, the better score you will get.

The higher your score, the better you will become at playing this alien shooting game. This is one of those war games that teach you how to shoot and move around in a fast-paced battlefield environment.

The controls are easy to follow and understand for any alien gamer out there looking for new knowledge about how to operate one of these machines.

As mentioned above, you need to use your arrow keys to move around, and your space bar is used for shooting. All you have to do is kill all the enemies that appear on your screen until there are no other aliens left and the game will be over.

Levels of Difficulty

When you first start playing these alien shooting games for kids, the difficulty level will be elementary. You will most likely get your first high score without trying that hard, and if you continue to play, you might eventually reach a point where it becomes challenging.


I’m stuck on level one. How do I unlock new levels?

As you play more and more levels, you will unlock different sections of the game. When you first start playing, all you have access to is the first level.

This is an excellent way for kids to play because it will help them develop their motor skills and generally teach them about life.

I’m stuck on level five. What should I do?

You need some practice before you can go on with the rest of the game. It would help if you learned how the enemies behave and what weapons they are using.

You can also try out these alien games: Aliens Infestation, Alien Hominid Classic, or Xeno Assault.

All three of these games are very fun to play, but if you want something addictive that will make your brain work while having a lot of fun, then you should play this game. It is by far the best alien shooting game online.


You have to find a suitable game that can release pressure. I hope you found a great one after reading this post! After playing Aliens, my mind was more precise and relaxed.

It has more fun than I expected and constantly evolving, which is essential because boredom sets in quickly if it’s not something new or challenging every time. The best part about aliens is that you could play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook Connect!

If you’re looking for an escape from reality while still having some competitive matches, try out Aliens now on your phone by clicking here.