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Alien Game is a mobile game that was released on July 18, 2016. The game has been developed by Voodoo Games and released for free on iOS and Android.

The game’s goal is to use your finger as an extension of your spaceship’s beam to clear obstacles in space. Your ship can also shoot at enemies to defend itself; however, it will take damage if you are hit by one of their attacks.

There are three types of ammo: blaster, laser, and power-up, which allow you to destroy specific obstacles, such as walls or asteroids with different attributes like speed or strength.

You can also collect coins during gameplay, allowing you to purchase new ships or upgrades like stronger shields and more powerful weapons.

About Alien Game

The Alien Game is said to be a big challenge for the player’s survival. It is one of the most popular games in android applications or iPhone applications because of its features which will excite the players and make them feel that they are playing as an alien.

The main objective of this game is to look for other aliens who are also in the surrounding of your house, garden, and anywhere. You will need to calculate your target every time before you shoot them.


The fantastic features of this game are its controlling ability for players both android applications or iPhone applications. The interaction control system on this game allows the player to move their characters around, while the character will move accordingly.

The next feature is its sound effects, which make you feel like really being on a planet where your only mission is to hunt for aliens. To bring out more excitement and challenge to the player’s survival capability, this game comes up with different difficulty levels.


To control the game, you will have to follow this procedure. Try to launch the Alien Game application on your android phones or iPhone applications.

After launching it, you will see a “Play Now” button at the bottom part of the screen. When clicked, it will lead you to actual gameplay with few available options for selecting aliens.

The next step is to choose the level of difficulty you want it to be. You can click on the “Increase” or “Decrease” icon. Then an alien will appear from the upper part of your screen. Before a level starts, there will be a countdown for 10 seconds so that you have enough time to adjust yourself and ready your gun.

The next step is to shoot the aliens on your level before they can get near you. Once you score more points, you will upgrade your guns with new features and even earn money for purchasing some upgrades. In this way, it will become easier for you to kill more and more aliens at a higher difficulty level.


The developer of this game is an independent developer who has been developing games for android phones and iPhone applications. He creates this game to challenge himself and other players to see how far they can go on the higher levels of difficulty and survival capability.

How To Play

After launching the Alien Game, you will be lead into a play now screen. Choose the level of difficulty you want, then wait for 10 seconds to let it load. If you are ready to start playing, click on the start button with a gun as your first weapon.

The next step is to shoot those aliens that surround you to survive and win. You may even earn money from winning levels, which you can use to upgrade your guns.

Levels Of Difficulty

The alien game is said to have five different levels of difficulty, which gives the player a challenge in surviving. Each level is more complex than the previous level because more aliens will keep coming nearer and nearer to you.

If you get one or two hits by the alien, you will be killed already. So, it would help if you were careful enough to avoid attacks from them.


Games can be a great way to escape the pressures of life and have some fun. Alien is one such game that provides hours of entertainment for players who enjoy arcade games with an intense, fast-paced atmosphere.

The graphics are colorful and look like they were created in 1980s video games while maintaining sharpness on modern screens. You will also get more features as you progress through levels, including power-ups that make your ship bigger or give it special abilities.

Whether playing alone against computer opponents or taking on friends who play simultaneously, this free app has lots of replay value for those looking for something new to try out! If you want to download this addictive game today, click here now!