Free Online Alien Bio Lab Game - How To Play Alien Bio Lab Game Like Pro

Alien Bio Lab Game

Free Online Alien Bio Lab Game - How To Play Alien Bio Lab Game Like Pro Click to play
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Alien Bio Lab! This game is for all those who love solving puzzles, exploring new worlds, and having fun. The game starts with the player being abducted by aliens from their home planet of Earth.

You have to escape the lab before they can experiment on you any further! With your wits and some valuable items found in the lab (or bought at the shop), it is up to you to find out what happened here and how to escape this place.

Free Online Alien Bio Lab Game – How To Play Alien Bio Lab Game Like Pro

On the left-hand side of your screen, you have an item list, which is where you can find all the different valuable items that you will need to escape.

The timer countdown on the top right corner also displays how many moves are available for each level. You get three attempts before having to start again from a further point in the game.

The gameplay is simple to move around and picks up the items that help you get past the creatures in this strange place.

However, some of these items are gray, which means that although they may be helpful at first, they will stop working after a few moves (you can tell which items these are by the timer on them). If you pick up a red thing, it will stay with you for the whole level and can be used repeatedly.

Certain items in Alien Bio Lab Game will help you get past all the tentacles and won’t fail after a few moves! The Goal, Key Card, Re-hydrator, Red Ore (located in the shop), and Teleporter. These items will help you get past the many obstacles and creatures in this lab and are worth keeping hold of.


  • The best feature of this game is the eerie atmosphere and tension you feel in this strange lab with all these weird creatures.
  • The items have a realistic look, and it is hard to understand what they are or how they work. This adds a scary element to an already terrifyingly fun game!


All in all, Alien Bio Lab is a great game. It has an interesting storyline that keeps you wanting to find out more, and although there are only 26 levels, it still feels like the game is worth paying for due to the hour of fun-filled gameplay in each group (not including replaying levels to get past them).

The music fits well and can become quite catchy after a few attempts at the stations. This game is straightforward to play but can be challenging to complete in as few moves as possible. It is available now on android and iphone devices, so grab your copy today!