Free Online Alfy Game - How To Play Alfy Game Like Pro

Alfy Game

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Alfy Game is an online game that can be played on any computer and browser, but it’s recommended to be played on a PC or notebook with internet access.

There are two versions of the AlfyGame(the original version), which has 30 levels for both beginners and experienced people. The AlfyGame(enhanced version) has 180 levels that differ from the original ones. Let’s join this game to save the life of Alfy at Frongames.

Free Online Alfy Game – How To Play Alfy Game Like Pro

There are three difficulty levels in this game: easy, medium, and challenging.

The top of the screen displays the number of stars (1-3) that can be collected while playing through each level, as well as an overall progress bar for the game itself.

There is also a panel on the right side with some indicators of finishing time, average score, current score, and collected gold stars.

The story in short: Alfy is an alien abductee who has to get through many levels that vary in appearance and gameplay.

The game’s primary goal is to help him free his fellow aliens from being abducted by Professor Ludo and his associate Max Broly by getting rid of the boss at the end of each level.

He starts the game with only one life and three hearts, and a new heart is given every 100 gold stars he collects from the boxes on his way through the levels (on easy difficulty level).

The alien planets are under attack by aliens from other galaxies led to these worlds by Professor Ludo.

Alfy has to get through many challenging levels that vary in both appearance and gameplay to free himself and his fellow aliens.

He starts the game with just one life, but if he loses it, a new life is given every 100 gold stars collected from the boxes on his way through the levels (on easy difficulty level).

There are five main types of boxes in the game gold, silver, and normal ones that contain various kinds of items, including objects that can help Alfy progress through levels faster or give him something to defend himself with, and treasure chests which reward him with a large number of points for being opened.

The last type is an explosives box which needs to be destroyed from a distance with bombs or rocks.

There are 30 levels in the original version of the game and 180 stations in the enhanced one, even though they differ in appearance.

All of them can be accessed through a computer terminal used to select which level Alfy needs to pass.

The background music changes every time an alien planet appears on a different level.

The levels are usually presented as planets, but some may also be dark caves with ancient ruins or something similar.


It is an excellent game for all age groups, and it presents a tremendous challenge for all types of players. The higher difficulty levels can also be accessed by finished the previous one without making any mistakes.

The game is very dynamic, so every new level brings something new to Alfy and the player. We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.