Free Online Airport Game - How To Play Airport Game Like Pro

Airport City Game

Free Online Airport Game - How To Play Airport Game Like Pro Click to play
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You have a chance to try a new game from the makers of Farms and Castles. Airport City is an addicting journey where you’ll use your instincts, skills, and wit to build your very own airport city where planes can land. You’ll start with just one runway and a small terminal, but as you progress through the game levels, you will be able to expand your airport into an international hub for all sorts of aircraft.

Free Online Airport Game – How To Play Airport Game Like Pro

It is simple to start playing the airport game online. It would help if you had a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and that’s all.

And then you can start playing it. It’s like the actual airport where we have flights for different cities, and other airlines fly in between those destinations.

  • This city-building simulator allows you to create the airport of your dreams.
  • Build a fleet of cool airplanes, from private jets to transcontinental planes.
  • You can bring back artifacts and complete collections from your flights!
  • Participate in limited-time adventures to receive special rewards
  • Ally with friends! It’s always more fun to play together.
  • After gaining control of the skies, send missions into space. Actual tycoons know no bounds!

You can turn a small community into a wealthy megalopolis that boasts the most advanced airport in the world. You can create one of the busiest transport hubs globally by building infrastructures like runways, hangars, and air traffic control towers.

Also, you can assemble a fleet and fly around the globe! As you upgrade and improve unique buildings and attract more passengers, your airport will become a vibrant city!


  • It’s straightforward to start playing. You don’t need any tutorial to learn how to play it.
  • This game can be accessed by downloading it from Google Play or Apple App Store. It’s free.
  • You can enjoy this game when waiting for a long queue in banks, at bus stations, or while riding a train.
  • It has been downloaded over 10 million times, not counting the clones.
  • It involves many complex calculations that would drive you crazy and keep you engaged for hours on end.
  • This game could be played anytime as it’s not very time-consuming, unlike other games, which would take more than two days to finish one life.
  • It’s a city-building simulator, so you wouldn’t have to pay money before downloading the game.


Overall, Airport City is an excellent game that you could play anytime, whenever you have time. Just install it on your smartphone and start playing it right now! It’s straightforward to learn how to play it as well.