Free Online Airport Empire - How To Play Airport Empire Like Pro

Airport Empire

Free Online Airport Empire - How To Play Airport Empire Like Pro Click to play
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If you’re looking for a new strategy game to play, Airport Empire is the perfect choice for you. This simulation game features a wide variety of options that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Along with being able to build airports across the world, there are many other aspects of this game that will keep your attention and keep it fresh: buying planes from Boeing or Airbus to transport passengers all over the world, upgrading your airport terminals for larger airplane capacity or faster baggage handling times.

If you’re interested in downloading Airport Empire today and seeing what it has to offer, click here!

About Airport Empire Game

Airport Empire is a simulation game owned and developed by MaxGames. Thus you will have the opportunity to take control of an entire airport or just specific airport facilities like parking lots, terminals, runways, and much more.

The challenge in this game comes from balancing your finances while ensuring that services are being provided at all times. With each passing day, you will need to invest in new facilities, maintain existing ones and hire a staff that will make Airport Empire tick.

Bonus and Rewards

The developer of this game, MaxGames, adds exceptional opportunities where users can receive special rewards for their progress in the game.

For instance, if you can reach a certain level by a specific date, you will receive rewards that relate to that level. This can be in the form of currency, resources, or new staff members for your airport.

As you play the game, it is imperative to have a strong team to determine whether your airport succeeds. Choose staff wisely based on their roles and skill levels.


The features available in the Airport Empire game include:

Airport Management: Unlike other games, Airport Empire allows you to manage your airport as if it were the real deal. You have the option to control pretty much every aspect of an airport, from its facilities, staff, and finances. There are also elections within the game that allow players to win additional facilities and staff.

The game is played on a world map where you will be given tasks spread across the globe. Completing these tasks will assist in making your airport an international one with long distances between terminals, runways, and parking lots.


Airport Empire can be played with just a browser, mouse, and keyboard.

How To Play

Following are the steps needed to play the Airport Empire game:

1. Initially, you will be given an airport terminal that can be upgraded and expanded as much as resources allow. Start by building parking lots if you want to receive more flights for your airport.

2. As a trainee, you should get used to processes like GatesTerminals, and Parking.

3. Upgrade your airport by purchasing more facilities from the market, such as hotels, shops, parking lots, and security systems. Each of these facilities can be improved with time. Additionally, upgrade existing terminals to accommodate larger planes and passengers.

4. Get an access card for a unique role to unlock different advantages and benefits within the game.

5. Online Airport Empire is a competitive game; therefore, you should take care of the money coming into the airport through fees collected from flights and passengers. You can also do some side jobs to earn more cash for your airport.

6. Remember that electricity, water, and waste management in your airport are essential for the passengers and staff. Your airport has a local council or government that you have to take care of by paying the taxes and royalties on time.

Levels Of Difficulty

Airport Empire is rated as a straightforward game to play. The only thing you need to do is make sure that your passengers are satisfied and they receive the best treatment from your staff at all times.


How do I get more currency?

One of the methods is doing side jobs like ferrying passengers between airports in your city. For this, you get a certain amount of currency plus some reputation. Another method is to play real money games that offer higher payout but might also have some disadvantages.

What about support?

You can visit the forums for support using your login details. There is also a live chat option if you need any help now.


Airport Empire is a game that has been around for years. The app was first released in 2012, and it’s still being updated with new features! This means you can enjoy gameplay anytime, anywhere without having to find an internet connection or even purchase anything else from the App Store.

If you haven’t tried this game yet, download it now on your iOS device – there are no in-app purchases required, and you won’t be disappointed by what’s inside. We guarantee hours of fun because the developers have made sure this airport empire game will never become boring.

You’ll also be able to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. What are you waiting for? Download Airport Empire today!