Free Online 360 Connect Game - How To Play 360 Connect Game Like Pro

360 Connect Game

Free Online 360 Connect Game - How To Play 360 Connect Game Like Pro Click to play
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360 Connect Game is a game that you have to connect all the same objects to break down their chains. You will start with simple puzzles where only two or three chips are attached in one chain.

This is a great game, and you should get this game as soon as possible and let it be of your entertainment. Remember that you need to complete at least a level before moving on to the following ones, so never give up until the very end! Let’s try it in Frongames.

Free Online 360 Connect Game – How To Play 360 Connect Game Like Pro

360 Connect Game is playable on the mobile phone browser, and it can be accessed via the PC. To play this game, you need to follow the following steps:

Connecting chips is easy but remember that they must be all connected to clear them from the board! You can choose any level you want by clicking on it.

However, keep in mind that you must complete the previous level before moving on. Clicking on an unlocked level will lock it again, so be careful!

You can also click on the Next button if you want to move to a higher level. When you are ready, click on PLAY to begin your fun-and-knowledge journey! Then, the stage is similar to this:

Now click on a chip to be brought to the following screen

The problem with this game is that you will be taken back to the beginning of your journey if you misconnect chips. Notice that between two or three red chips, there are green ones.

These little fellows act like connecting plugs, which will change into red when you connect them with those you want to clear. Try it and see how it works! You can click on your playing field to move a red chip in any direction or drop an insert one.

Click on NEXT if you are tired of that level. You will be taken back to this screen:

Here, all chips that have been cleared are green. There is also a number: this is the level of that stage! If you beat it, you will get to proceed further.

The more stars and diamonds you have, the more complex the next level will be for you! With these in mind, try your best to solve every puzzle to step up on your knowledge ladder and become more intelligent!

Features of This Game

360 Connect Online is an intriguing puzzle game that will allow you to spend a couple of hours while becoming smarter! You should keep in mind the following features to have a better experience:

There are more than 800 levels for you to beat. All of them are extremely fun and captivating, but don’t be afraid if you are stuck on one of them! You can try another level to become more focused and then move back to the previous one later.

Here, you will not only be challenged but also taught as you play through the game. The more levels you complete, the wiser you will become! Its main objective is that it develops your ideas and helps you to become more creative.

It will keep you entertained for a long time. The game is very addictive and challenging, so you should play it as much as possible! After all, the more levels you complete, the wiser you will feel!

This game will put your brain to work. Once you start playing it, your focus and logic skills will be improved drastically! You will need to solve many puzzles as fast as possible, so your brain activity will increase exponentially.

Different concepts require a creative mind and strategic thinking skills to beat them. Solving these advanced levels can prove difficult at first, but you will understand the pattern in which they work after some time.


360 Connect Game is an online puzzle game that can provide you with hours of fun. I hope that the above article has provided you with some information about how to play it and its main features. It’s a great brain teaser for all ages. You should at least give this one-of-a-kind game a try!