Free Online 2048 Threes - How To Play 2048 Threes Like Pro

2048 Threes

Free Online 2048 Threes - How To Play 2048 Threes Like Pro Click to play
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The 2048 threes game is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The game’s goal is to create tiles that have two tiles on either side, with both of those being the same number. Players can swipe left, right, up, or down to move all tiles on their board in one direction.

This blog post will teach you how to play this addicting game! It also shares some tips for playing the 2048 threes game more efficiently and effectively. Happy gaming!

About 2048 Threes Game

Threes is a mobile version of the 2048 game, which got released on 4 Feb 2014. Threes made by Sirvo LLC inspired by Gabriele Cirulli’s 2048, which he created in March 2014. It offers some kind of gameplay while using different number combination systems and interfaces.

Younger players like its design for its look, its limited number of game features, and its simple operation. While older ones like its gameplay for its difficulty level, they play it repeatedly and improve their skills.


Threes is a turn-based number puzzle game in which player has to combine the same value numbered tiles by sliding them. If you have two tiles with equal importance and one of the slides over another tile, then they start combining into the next higher value tile like 2+2 > 2+4 > 4+4 > 8 > 8+8 > 16 > and so on.

The user interface is straightforward with the black color theme in which two same valued tiles are available initially on top of each other. Swiping below them will move them left or right as per your selection.

If any tile moves over another one, then it combines into a higher value number. This continues till the user reaches the 2048 tile, which is the most significant value number in-game.


Press and hold your finger on the screen to view tiles, then swipe below them to change their position.


The Threes game is developed by Sirvo LLC, founded in 2010 by Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend. They are both indie app developers from Chicago (Illinois). They had developed apps like Relay, Chain World, etc.

How To Play

Threes game is straightforward to play as it looks. The game’s user interface is kept very simple with a black color theme in which two value tiles (2 & 4) are initially available on top of each other.

One will swipe his finger below them to move them left or right as per his choice, and if any tile moves over another one, they will combine into a higher value number.

Before starting the game, one has to download it from Google Play Store first by clicking on the download option available at its top left corner. After that, open and tap on the play button present on its home screen.

As soon as the game starts, one will see 2=2 tiles on top of each other; then, it is time to swipe your finger below them. If he does that correctly and moves the first value tile over the second, they combine into 4+4 = 8.

This will continue until the user gets the 2048 number tile, the giant in-game screen, and the 2^11 tile.

Levels Of Difficulty

Once the user reaches the 2048 number tile and tries to combine it with another one, the game will end without giving points, which is a significant flaw in its interface. This could have been avoided by using a different number combination system like 4+4 = 5 and 5+5 = 6 etc.

There are 15 levels in this game, starting from 2=2 tile (level-1) to 2048 number tile (level-15). The user has to combine given value tiles and reach the next level of difficulty till he reaches the last one, which is level-15.

  • Level 1: user uses 2=2 tiles to reach level-2.
  • Level 2: user uses 4=4 tiles to reach level-3.
  • Level 3: user uses 8=8 tiles to reach level-4.
  • Etc.

The user also gets 100 points from each tile combined with another one, and this game has no time restriction to be played for unlimited time.

All the features of this game can be learned very quickly within few minutes, but playing it in a limited number of moves is a difficult task, and that’s why end level screen looks more attractive to most players.

Users may also get some tricks to reach 2048 tile in fewer moves while using the free online version of this game available in the Google Play Store app.

The user has to solve puzzles by going through different levels, which are very easy to play in the initial stages of the game but difficult when a user reaches the last level. Playing this online version is also a time-consuming task, so one should use it wisely and make the best use of that.


Does it cost anything?

No, it is entirely free to play.

What platforms are supported?

People can play this game on their iOS and Android devices.

I am stuck in the middle of level-15, so what should I do now?

The last level has no solution, but there could be a trick available that may help you.

I am new to this game, so please tell me how I can reach the 2048 number tile?

Unfortunately, there is no trick available for that. One has to solve puzzles by going through different levels, which are easy to play early in this game but difficult when a user reaches the last level.

How many people have played it so far?

It has been downloaded and installed more than 50 million times.


If you’re looking for a great game to play on your mobile device, look no further than 2048! The best part about this simple puzzle game is that it’s never the same twice.

You’ll constantly be challenged with new puzzles and strategies as you evolve through each level of difficulty to get closer to reaching the coveted 4096 tile goal line.

In addition, there are plenty of features only available online such as playing against friends or Facebook connect, which make this an excellent choice if you want something fun but challenging enough not to bore you quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Download 2048 now and find out why so many people can’t put it down!