Free Online 2020 Connect - How To Play 2020 Connect Like Pro

2020 Connect

Free Online 2020 Connect - How To Play 2020 Connect Like Pro Click to play
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The 2020 connect Game is a board game that has been designed to improve the process of team-building and communication skills. It can be played by up to 20 people, in which each player is assigned one of four roles: facilitator, information gatherer, decision-maker, or observer.

The goal is for all players to work together as a cohesive group with clear goals and objectives. By playing the 2020 Connect Game, participants will experience how different personality types interact and learn how to communicate more effectively with each other on teams.

The game also teaches them about their strengths and weaknesses while working in groups – an invaluable skill in any career path!

About 2020 Connect Game

2020 Connect is a puzzle game based on the principle of making lines either horizontally or vertically. The players need to connect the same color dots as fast as they can by tapping on the screen to unlock new levels and get high scores.

It has four modes, including Classic Mode, where you have three lives to make your way through, Party Mode to play with the friends either in the same room or anywhere else you want, Time Mode, where your time is limited for each level and Survival Mode that gives unlimited time.

Besides, it also has over 200 levels of gameplay and Facebook connectivity, so you can play with your friends and share how well you did in your games.


  • Make lines either horizontally or vertically.
  • Please tap on the screen to connect the same color dots and make them disappear
  • Watch out for power-ups that will give extra points, destroy specific dots or both!
  • Connecting 4, 5, and 6 dots at the same time give you more points!
  • There are over 200 levels of gameplay with different difficulties and settings.
  • There are four game modes, including Classic, Time, Party, and Survival Mode.


Tap on the dots that you want to connect. It is simple as 1-2-3. The more dots that you connect at once, the more scores you will get. More dots means more scores!

The dots can be dropped in vertical lines(vertical) or horizontal lines(horizontal). You can move your finger around the screen to settle them.


2020 Connect game is developed by Futureplay Entertainment Ltd, creating games for mobile phones and tablets since 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. In 2012 alone, they have developed more than 20 different games.

Futureplay Entertainment Ltd has had more than 100 million downloads, with their most popular game being Colossatron: Massive World Threat.

How To Play 2020 Connect Like Pro

If you will play the 2020 Connect game, then here is the list of some basic steps that will help you out. Once you have mastered these tricks, nothing can stop you from winning the game!

The gameplay is quite simple and very easy to figure out. All you need to do is connect dots by sliding around them. The game is basically for young kids or even adults, and the graphics are excellent, making it a great mobile phone game.

Levels Of Difficulty

The game has four modes of gameplay that you can choose from. They include Classic Mode, where you have three lives to make your way through, Party Mode to play with the friends either in the same room or anywhere else you want. Time Mode, where your time is limited for each level, gives unlimited time and Survival Mode.


Is the game free?

Yes, the app is free to download. You can enjoy playing it as much as you want without paying anything extra.

Will I be able to play the game offline too?

You will be able to access all features of the 2020 Connect Game without requiring any internet connection. However, you will not be able to share your scores on Facebook or invite friends in this case.

How To Connect 2020 Connect With Facebook?

The gameplay is straightforward, and the graphics look very good, making it a great mobile phone game. It helps you to spend few minutes of break time at the workplace or make some free time pass swiftly. Once you have mastered these tricks, nothing can stop you from winning the game!


If you’ve been looking for a new game to keep your brain sharp and entertaining, it doesn’t get much better than 2020 Connect. This amazingly interactive puzzle game is not only fun but has the added benefit of constantly being evolving!

As a bonus, players can share their scores with friends on the same device or online via Facebook connect. To start playing now, download 2020 Connect from Frongames today!